Important Security Notice

A 1st Choice Savings member received a call from a fraudster who identified himself as a 1st Choice Savings and Credit Union representative and told him there were suspicious transactions on his accounts. The fraudster was then able to gain the confidence of the member and convinced him to provide access to his digital banking profile and personal information, including his Social Insurance Number and driver’s license.

How can you protect yourself?

    • 1st Choice Savings staff will NEVER call you and ask you to provide your Social Insurance Number or Driver’s License to verify your identity.

    • Do NOT provide your username or password to anyone.  We don’t need your password to assist you with your financial or technology questions.

    • If you are uncertain whether or not you are talking with a legitimate representative of 1st Choice Savings, hang up and call us directly at 403.320.4600 or 1-866-803-0733.
If you have received a call from someone identifying themselves as a representative of 1st Choice Savings and think your personal information may have been compromised, please call your branch during branch hours or send an email to

Member Feedback

Are you a 1st Choice Savings member who has feedback and or complaints?

Saturday | July 10, 04:01 PM
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