Agriculture Leasing
Get what your business needs without breaking the bank.

Skip The Full Purchase Price

Leasing is a financing alternative that allows you to update your farm equipment without investing the full purchase price. It can help you secure the equipment and technology you need now, without tying up a large sum of capital.

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Benefits of Leasing

Tax Benefit

With an operating lease, you can write off the entire amount of your leasing costs, saving you taxes immediately, rather than down the road.

Improved Cash Flow

In light of the erratic nature of farming, leasing enables you to keep more working capital on hand for other projects or growing the business.

Keep Up To Date

Access the latest equipment and technology. You can keep upgrading as new equipment becomes available which enhances productivity.

Inflation Friendly

Leasing is inflation friendly. You will pay the same rate as when you began the lease, therefore making your dollar stretch further.

What Can I Lease?

We understand that farming requires more than just tractors and that you deserve to have access to the latest technology in the field. Whatever equipment you need, from the ground up, we are here to provide the financing you need to access the best possible equipment. We offer a range of agriculture equipment for lease, such as:

  • Harvesting and haying equipment

  • Tillage equipment

  • Grain bins

  • Rollers

  • Mowers

  • Tractors and trailers

  • Aerators

  • Seeders

  • Sprayers

  • And more

Product Details

Interest Rate


Term Range

Up to 84 months


Up to 100% financing


Flexible term

Is Leasing Right for My Business?

If the majority of your answers to the following questions are YES, you might want to consider leasing.

  • Is the expected useful life of the asset over 3 years?

  • Do you routinely replace equipment in order to remain efficient and viable?

  • Is new equipment a key to increasing efficiency, capacity, and productivity?

  • Can you make better use of working capital and realize tax advantages by leasing?

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