Personal Service Fees

The following fees and services may not be included in the monthly account or transaction fees.



Account Research - Items within the last 90 days

$5.00 per Item

Account Research - Items more than 90 days in the past

$10.00 per Item

Account Research - Detailed Recap/Multiple Items

$25.00 per Hour

Bank Confirmation

$25.00 per Request

Balance of Account

$25.00 per Account

Bill Payments

$1.50 per Item

Special Cash Orders - Coins or Bills

$25.00 per Request

Chargeback’s - Deposit Account

$10.00 per Item

Closed Membership - Within 6 months of Opening

$25.00 per Account

Collections - Incoming or Outgoing

$25.00 per Item

Dormant Account

$50.00 per Item

Duplicate Copy - T5 or RRSP Tax Receipt

$25.00 per Item

Estate Handling Fee

$100.00 per Member

Inactive Account

$50.00 per Account

Inactive Notification Letter

$50.00 per Letter

Investment Transfer Out - RRSP/RRIF/TFSA

$100.00 per Account

Member Card - Returned with Incorrect Address

$25.00 per Card

Night Deposit Service - Including Bags

$50.00 per Year

NSF Items - Returned Fee

$45.00 per Item

NSF Items - Accommodation Fees

$5.00 per Item

Official Order - CAD (draft)

$10.00 per Item

Official Order - US (draft)

$10.00 per Item

Overdraft Fee (Unauthorized)

$5.00 per Month

Printed Paper Statement

$3.00 per Item

Stop Payment

$15.00 per Item

Stop All- Maximum 6 Months

$25.00 per Request

Trace Requests - All Types

$25.00 per Item

US Cheque Drawn on a Canadian Account

$25.00 per Item

Canadian Wires - Incoming or Outgoing

$25.00 per Wire

US/International Wires - Incoming or Outgoing

$45.00 per Wire

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