Commercial Leasing
An alternative to borrowing.

Skip The Full Purchase Price 

Leasing is a financing alternative that allows you to update your business equipment without investing the full purchase price. It can help you secure the equipment and technology you need now, without tying up a large sum of capital. 

We have partnered with Concentra to provide comprehensive leasing options.

Why Lease?

Leases can be structured to the specific needs and cash flow cycle of any business. Leasing delivers value as it minimizes the cash or line of credit required, maintaining your ability to respond to business challenges as they arise.

If your business requires the use of machinery and/or up-to-date technology, leasing is a great alternative to keep your business current without losing financial flexibility.

Perfect For:

  • Heavy equipment

  • Semi-tractors and trailers

  • Landscaping and excavation equipment

  • Computer networks and communications systems

  • Medical, laboratory and diagnostic equipment

Benefits Of Leasing

There are numerous ways commercial leasing can benefit your business.

Get Newer Equipment, Faster
Technology changes fast. Your operations can benefit from the latest features of new equipment more often by leasing. At the end of your lease, you can purchase your equipment or upgrade to something new. 

Improve Leverage
Leasing can allow you to avoid large up-front payments or cash purchases, leaving your cash and credit available for operations while your equipment generates income for your business. You can also structure your payments to match cash flows, so your payment schedule matches your revenue schedule.

Optimize Tax Savings
By leasing your equipment, you may be able to write off payments as expenses, instead of adding capital cost and depreciation to your financial statements. Check with your accountant about your tax options for leasing before making a decision.

Personal Service
With our industry leading customer service, 1st Choice Savings account managers set you up to succeed. Through our simple process, we will answer your questions, and work with you for anything related to your lease.

Is Leasing Right For My Business?

If the majority of your answers to the following questions are YES, you might want to consider leasing.

  • Is the expected useful life of the asset over 3 years?

  • Do you routinely replace equipment in order to remain efficient and viable?

  • Is new equipment a key to increasing efficiency, capacity, and productivity?

  • Can you make better use of working capital and realize tax advantages by leasing?

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