Spousal Tax Planning Webinar

Tax Planning Strategies - A Happy Spouse Makes a Happy House!

Most of us are getting ready to file our taxes before the May 2nd deadline. Let's look at ways for your household to be more tax-advantaged this time next year.

Please join Doug Carroll, Tax & Estate Specialist at Aviso Wealth Inc., as he illustrates families' strategies to retain more of their wealth.  He will share investment planning tips that will yield more funds for you and your family today and at retirement.  Find out if you are the Better Half or the Lucky Half.

Topics include: 

    • Benefits & Boundaries

    • Pension Income Splitting

    • RRSPs & Spousal RRSPs

    • TFSA for Spouse

    • ​Attribution Rules

    • Prescribed Rate Loan

    • Acceptable Avoidance Options

    • CPP Credit Sharing​

Let's look at ways for your household to be more tax advantages this time next year.

Date: Tuesday, May 17

Time: 1:00 p.m

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Monday | April 11, 09:51 AM
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