Auto, RV, and Boat Financing

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, let us help you!

We provide financing for most Southern Alberta auto dealers. Since we’re local, we offer a special understanding of the Southern AB marketplace.

Our Dealer Services offers various types of financing, and works with you to find the one best suited to your new purchase, and lifestyle.

Financing Features


Quick Approval

Our local knowledge provides an understanding of the Southern AB marketplace that allows us to respond faster!


No Early Payout Penalty

Paying of your loan early is exciting and you shouldn't be charged for it!


Blended Rate

Combined of Interest + Principle


Flexible Payment Terms and Options

Includes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and semi-monthly.


Skip a Payment Option

Allows you to skip one payment per calendar year. Conditions Apply.


Convenient Payments

Can be automatically withdrawn from any financial institution.

The previous financing features are also available for other vehicles, including RVs and Boats.

Options for Your Loan

1. Fixed or variable rate
  .2. Open or closed term
3. Length of term
4. Payment schedule

How much Can I Afford?


See our loan calculator to help determine the best amount for you.

Current Loan Rates


See here for information on current consumer loan rates.

How to Apply?

There are a few ways to begin car ownership, select the option that best suits your needs!

1. Stop into any of our partner dealerships in Southern AB and ask for the '1st Choice Savings' Dealer Services' (all paperwork completed by dealership!).

2. Make an appointment at your 1st Choice branch for your Dealer Services Pre-Approval.                    



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