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Features & Options

Everyone has different needs, and that’s why we believe loans should be personal.  Whether it’s home renovations, buying a car, or even going back to school, we want to help you with your financial needs.  

Let our dedicated staff meet with you to discuss your goals and process your application quickly.

Personal Loan Features:

  • Flexible Terms.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Skip a payment option (conditions apply).
  • Payout any time with no prepayment penalties.
  • Quick approval.                             


Personalize your personal loans with the following options:

    1. Personalized payment schedule.
    2. Interest rate options (fixed or variable).
    3. Secured or unsecured.

Lots of Debt? Consider a Consolidation Loan:

If you’re facing multiple or high interest credit card debt, consider a consolidation loan. This type of loan puts an end to high interest or multiple credit card debt and lowers your monthly payment.

Come in and meet with a personal banker for free to discuss your options.

Loans for Car & Vehicle/RV:

Are you looking to for a new vehicle*, motorcycle or RV? Our personal loans may be right for you. Stop by any of our branches to meet with a personal banker to discuss your options.

We also offer dealer financing with most Southern AB Auto Dealers. 

     *vehicles can also include quads and boats. However, dealer financing only applies to RV's and motorcycles in addition to personal transport vehicles.

Current Loan Rates:

See here for information on current loan rates

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