11 Reasons to Become a 1st Choice Savings Member

1. We're Focused on People, Not Profits

Most traditional banks exist to make a profit. While there’s nothing wrong with that in principle, the focus shifts from the people they serve to a select few shareholders. At 1st Choice Savings, the highest quality service is extended to all members, without exception. Since 1st Choice Savings is a cooperative, every member gets the same preferential treatment.

2. You have a voice

As a member; you are also an owner of the co-operative. Bank customers don’t usually have  a voice in how the bank is run, but 1st Choice Savings is democratically controlled by a volunteer board of directors, who are elected by membership.  

3. Trained and Helpful Staff

1st Choice Savings places a great deal of value on the people who work there. This translates into better service for members. Ongoing training, supportive working conditions, community involvement and other incentives result in informed and dedicated employees.

4. It pays to Become a Member

There are no outside shareholders to take profits out of the institution. The profits we make are either distributed to our members in the form of dividends, better interest rates, lower fees, or retained as capital to ensure we remain a very strong financial institution.

5. Leadership in Banking Trends

The credit union system has been on the leading edge of banking technology since introducing the first automatic teller machines (ATMs) in 1976. We were also among the first Canadian financial institution to make it possible to pay for purchases with a debit card. 1st Choice Savings stays on top of banking trends with a firm commitment to finding ways for technology to make your 1st Choice Savings experience even more convenient.

6. Flexible Financial Services

Because we are driven by the mandate to serve all members equally and to the best of our ability, we have an open door policy regarding the negotiation of loans and investments, regardless of what your account balance is. From mortgages to agricultural lines of credit, wealth management, financial advice to small business banking, 1st Choice Savings provides the same range of products and services as traditional banks.

7. 1st Choice Savings is Financially Responsible

1st Choice Savings must answer to our members, so we are obligated to make prudent and sustainable financial choices. This provides an enviable level of security for 1st Choice Savings members. There is also the added benefit of provincial legislation, which dictates that 1st Choice Savings must retain reserves to draw upon in the event of financial downturns. These reserves are drawn from revenue generated by annual growth.

8. Building Jobs and Community

A central directive of 1st Choice Savings is to contribute to the well-being of our communities. We are highly visible participants in regional economic development, sports, culture, education, health and the environment. We also direct revenues into our local communities, creating jobs and opportunities. In addition, 1st Choice Savings donates generously to charitable and community-based organizations.

9. Working together

1st Choice Savings joins forces with other credit unions across the country, allowing us to compete with large multinational financial institutions and offer comparable services, technology, support and resources.


10. Total protection

The credit union deposit Guarantee Corporation, guarantees 100% of member deposits, without limit.

11. You are in control

The ultimate benefit of 1st Choice Savings membership is peace of mind.  When you’re a member, you’re also an owner. That automatically makes your best interests our best interests.


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