The Credit Union Difference

Why Become a Member?

More than 5 million Canadians are credit union members, enjoying all the advantages of 'big banks', but as owners with more benefits. Better yet, absolutely anyone can become a member with 1st Choice Savings! 

We Can do Everything a Bank Can do, but Better.

There are many misconceptions as to what a Credit Union actually is. We are fully functional financial institutions, and can do everything a bank can do (accounts, loans, TFSA’s etc), but we put our profits, into your pocket.


Profit Share 

As a financial cooperative, everyone who does business with us has shares with us. When you join 1st Choice Savings you pay $1.00 which buys you one common share in the company. Since our inception in 2001, we have given out over $4.2 million in dividends to our membership. 


Democratic Member Control 

As a member, you have the right to be heard which includes the right to nominate and vote for board members. Additionally, members have the right to vote in key policy decisions at the Annual General Meeting. 


Better Service

Over the last 12 years, Canadians have ranked Credit Unions first overall in customer service excellence as reported by the IPSOS Best Banking Awards along with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As a financial cooperative, it is in our mandate to put people before profits.


Low Fees & Competitive Rates

Members under the age of 26 don't pay any account fees, and anyone older than that can have fees waived with a small minimum balance. When it comes to rates, we are just as competitive as other financial institutions (and sometimes better).


Community Focused

As a credit union, 1st Choice is actively involved in community sponsorships, scholarships and bursaries in Southern Alberta. Due to our operations being local, you can feel good knowing your money is invested back into the local economy. We've been active in the Southern Alberta community for 80 years!


Good for Small Business

While large banks tend to focus on large corporate accounts, we specialize in serving members with small and medium sized businesses. You may find it easier getting funding through us because we take your character and reputation into consideration, not just your collateral. 

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