Becoming a Member

Why Membership?

Today more than 4.9 million Canadians are credit union members, enjoying all the advantages of "big banks" but as owners, not clients, with a voice in how their credit union is run and how their money is spent in building stronger communities. 
1st Choice Savings is proud to maintain the long-standing credit union philosophy of "People Helping People" to the benefit of hundreds of members throughout Southern Alberta.

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3 Steps to Switching Financial Institutions (or Freedom!) 

We know you’re busy, and switching financial institutions is pain. But what if it wasn’t?
We make switching accounts so easy, we’ll even close your other account for you!

1. Meet with a Personal Banker

Your Personal Banker will need information about your monthly automatic withdrawals and deposits (i.e. Bills and Salary Payments), Photo ID and your SIN #.

2. Sign Required Documentation

This allows us to close or transfer accounts from another institution on your behalf.

3. Relax, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

From mortgages, savings accounts, TFSA’s, RRSP’s, we’ve got you covered.The total time will take approx. 3-5 banking days to allow for processing time (if not sooner!)

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Announcing - Free 1st Perks App
1st Perks Savings

Get local discounts for using your 1st Choice Savings Card!

What is it?

1st Perks is our loyalty app that allows our members to  receive local discounts, just for using your 1st Choice Savings Debit/Credit card or Global Payment Master Card!

How it Works

When you walk/drive by a merchant that’s on the app, you’ll receive a pop-up notification on your phone that lets you know about the perk and the store that offers it, no coupon clipping or printing!

Why It Works for You

  • Provides discounts and offers, to help you save

  • Location based reminders, so you’ll never miss a deal

  • It’s on your phone, so you don’t have another card in your wallet

  • Supports local business, which supports your local community.

To Use the Perk

  • Receive a notification that you can get a “perk” at a certain store

  • Open notification to open the perk

  • Pay with a 1st Choice Debit/Credit or Global Payment Master Card.

To Download: or search “1st Perks” in the App or Play Store.

Who is eligible to use it?

All members are eligible for the app, provided that they have a smart phone, and debit/credit card with us. Please note, tablets may not work, as there is no GPS on them.

I own a business, how can I be a part of this or get more information?

Fantastic! We’d love to partner with you.
Email or call 403.329.0113.


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