Becoming a Member

Why Membership?

More than 4.9 Million Canadians are credit union members, enjoying all the advantages of ‘big banks’, but as owners with more benefits.

Better yet, anyone can be a member!

We Can do Everything a Bank Can do, but Better

There are many misconceptions as to what a Credit Union actually is. We are fully functional financial institution, and can do everything a bank can do (accounts, loans, TFSA’s etc), but we put our profits, into your pocket.

Profit Sharing

Before Uber and the modern sharing economy happened, credit unions were there. We’re the original Sharing Economy and have been around in Canada for more than 115 years.

A credit union is a financial co-operative, where every person who banks with us, has shares with us. At the end of our fiscal year, we pay out dividends to our member.

Since our inception in 2001, we have given over $4 million in dividends to our members.

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Free Banking Under 26

You read that right, members under 26 don't pay bank fees! Click here for more information.

Better Rates

We’re just as competitive as other financial institutions, and sometimes better. See here for more information on current rates.

Better Service

Over the last 12 years, Canadians have ranked Credit Unions first overall in customer service excellence as reported by Ipsos Best Banking Awards.

Local Discounts

Our Loyalty app, 1st Perks Savings gives our members discounts at over 50 local and online retailers! See more below.

Your Voice Matters

As a financial co-operative, you are a member. As part of membership, you have the right   to nominate and vote for board members, as well as a vote and say in key policy decisions at the AGM.

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The Differences Between Banks and Credit Unions

Profit Sharing

As our members are our shareholders, all members are eligible for annual dividends. Since 2001, we have paid out more than 4 million in dividends back to our members!
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No Corporate Shareholders

Our Members, are our shareholders. Our members are local people within Southern Alberta who care about their money and their community.



Locally owned, operated and connected to the community for over 70 years!



Since we live and work together with our members and our community, we are held accountable by them.



As a credit union, we hold certain principles, such as:

                 - Focusing on people, not profit

                 - Advocating for small business

                 - Making a difference

                 - Building our communities

                 - Helping our members reach their financial potential.

                 - Being financial responsible and accountable to our members.

                 - And more, contact us to find the details!                      


Democratic Member Control

As a member-owner, you have the right to be heard which includes:

                 - The right to nominate and vote board members

                 - The right to vote and have a say in key policy decisions at the AGM.


100% Guaranteed

All deposit amounts are 100% guaranteed. So should something happen to us, you'll get your money back.

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