Phone Scam

Please be aware that someone is using 1st Choice Savings and Credit Unions name to phish for members information, including credit card numbers and security questions.

The scammer calls you, claiming to be from 1st Choice Savings or ‘1st Choice Savings Alert’ (There is no such thing as 1st Choice Savings Alert), and claim that there was a suspicious transaction on your account. They will ‘want to go over some information’ with you, and ask questions regarding card numbers, security questions, and other personal information. Once this information is given, the scammers use the information to impersonate you and make purchases on your account.

1st Choice Savings and Credit Union does not, and will not call or text you and request personal information.

If you are unsure or have received any calls, claiming to be from 1st Choice, hang up and call your branch directly, DO NOT use any phone number given to you during the phone call. Change all passwords/security codes immediately.

Empower Yourself - Stay Alert!

Tips to protect yourself:

  • Never disclose personal information over phone, text or email, unless YOU initiated the need to do so.
  • Be aware that we will never send you emails or communications asking you to verify or provide your online banking details.
  • When in doubt, DOUBT! When it comes to your finances, it is better to be suspicious and ask questions.

To report and incident and for branch information, see contact us


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