Introducing the FlexInvest!

Finally - Fear Free Investing!

Looking for something better? Worried about committing your money to something you can’t touch?

Fear no more!

The FlexInvest provides flexibility by allowing you to contribute and redeem amounts out of your principle. With FlexInvest, you have more control over your money. 
Your interest rate adjusts based on our Prime Ratemeaning you can potentially earn more in interest without having to manage anything. The FlexInvest also has a minimum floor of 0% so you will never lose your investment balance, no matter what.

FlexInvest is available for a limited time from January 1, 2020 to March 6, 2020.


  • Your interest rate rises if our Prime Rate rises
  • You have access to a portion of the principle before maturity1
  • Abilitiy to contribute additional funds2
  • Eligible for both TFSA & RRSP


FlexInvest Non-Registered FlexInvest Registered
Rate Prime minus 1.5% Prime minus 1.5%
Term 5 Years 5 Years
Minimum Deposit $500 $500
Maximum Deposit $2,500,000 No maximum
Interest Payment Annually Annually
Additional Deposits One annual depoisit on anniversary date
up to maximum deposit amount*.
Option to make additional lump sum deposits, transfer ins and/or pre-authorized deposits* throughout the year.
Redeemable Amount Up to 20% of balance on anniversary date* Up to 20% of balance on anniversary date*
TFSA, RRSP, RRIF Eligible No Yes
*Note: If the anniversary date falls on a non-business day, the additional deposit or redemption can be made on the next business day.

Why should I choose FlexInvest?

FlexInvest is right for you if:

  • Are new to investing and want a safe way to invest.
  • Want to be able to take advantage of growth possibilities.
  • Require flexibility to take out portions of your investment if needed.
  • Are interested in having the ability to contribute additional funds through regular scheduled contributions or one time additions.

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How long is FlexInvest offered for? Expand/Collapse

FlexInvest is a limited time product that is available from January 1, 2020 to March 6, 2020.

What if I have an investment coming due elsewhere after March 6th? Expand/Collapse

For the Registered FlexInvest, a minimum deposit of $500 can be used to open the FlexInvest product and additional deposits can be completed at any time after that date up to the maturity date. For a Transfer-in, if the appropriate transfer papers are signed on or before March 6th, 2020, it will be accepted.

For a Non-Registered FlexInvest, a minimum deposit of $500 can be used to access the limited time product and additional deposits can be added annually on the anniversary date.

How does the change in rate work? Expand/Collapse

The rate is floating and determined by our posted Prime Rate minus 1.5%. Thus, your rate will adjust if Prime changes.

For example, i
f our Prime Rate is posted as 3.95%, your rate will be 2.45% (3.95%-1.5%).

Additionally, your rate can never go below 0%, meaning your principal and earned interest will never be lost.

How many times can I withdraw funds? Expand/Collapse

You can withdraw up to 20% of the current balance once a year on the anniversary date.

Can I utilize the FlexInvest product with my business or non-profit organization? Expand/Collapse

Absolutely! It would be classified as ‘non-registered’.

When is interest paid? Expand/Collapse

Interest is calculated daily and paid out annually.

How does contributing to FlexInvest work? Expand/Collapse

With the registered FlexInvest, you can make additional lump sum deposits, transfer ins and/or Pre-authorized deposits anytime throughout the year.

With non-registered FlexInvest, you can make deposits once a year on the anniversary date of your initial investment.

1Up to 20% of the current balance on the anniversary date.
Non-registered products can only contribute additional deposits on the anniversary date of the initial deposit.

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