Quick Loan (limited time offer)

Our members matter. That’s why we’re offering the 1st Choice ‘Quick Loan’ to help.

The Quick Loan is designed to help members who have been affected by COVID 19 and need quick access to cash. Find comfort and worry about what matters with no payments for the 1st 90 days.

Features of the loan include:


  0% interest for the first 30 days (4% interest after).

 height=  Borrowing limits up to $7,500*. 

 height=  Up to 90 days to make the 1st payment. 

 height=  Up to 3 years to repay. 

Getting Started

To apply for a Quick Loan, contact us.

Need a Different Solution?

Everyone has different needs. At 1st Choice, we are here to serve our members. If you need something other than a loan, contact us, and together we’ll find the solution that best suits your needs!


I’ve already applied for a payment deferral; can I apply for the Quick Loan as well? Expand/Collapse

Unfortunately no. Members who have applied for a payment deferral are not eligible for the Quick Loan.

How do I apply? Expand/Collapse

To apply for a Quick Loan, contact your branch or email us, info@1stchoicesavings.ca

How much do I qualify for? Expand/Collapse

Amounts are based off several factors. Contact us and we will walk you through the approval process.

What information do I need to apply? Expand/Collapse

Members must provide verification of income prior to the pandemic, as well as proof of a pandameic-related layoff or reduction in hours.

I am not currently a member at 1st Choice, can I still apply? Expand/Collapse

Unfortunately, this offer only applies to members who were in good standing with us as of March 1st, 2020.

However, we do have other options. Please contact us, and let’s work together to find a solution for your needs!


The Quick Loan is a Limited Time Offer and is specific to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

The Quick Loan is limited to members in good standing as of March 1st, 2020 and who have encountered hardships as a result of COVID 19. Loan amount is based on pre-pandemic income and members must prove verification of income prior to pandemic-related layoffs or reduction in pay/hours/work. Members who have applied for COVID 19 payment deferral programs are not eligible for the quick loan.

*Based on income and credit score.

Other conditions may apply. Please contact us for more information. 


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