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2019 Card Chip Issue

Jan 1
Card Chip Issues
We can now confirm that some chip cards issued in 2019 are resulting in declines at certain merchant terminals that require updates. If you have a card that was issued before 2019, you will not be affected. It is important to note that this is not only affecting 1st Choice Savings cards but ANY 2019 chip card you may have. We recommend that you have cash on hand as a back-up until this issue is resolved. There is no need to re-pin your card or order a new one. We will provide updates as they become available.

Whats new?

October 01
Introducing new partnership with CUMIS Insurance!

As of October 1st, 1st Choice is excited to announce our new partnership with CUMIS.

CUMIS insurance is the only Canadian insurance company that works exclusively with credit unions. In fact, it’s in their name - CUMIS stands for the Credit Union Member Insurance Society!

CUMIS is committed to delivering excellent client service personalized for credit union members. They are always ready to answer your insurance questions and should a problem arise, you will receive expert claims advice without fear of consequences if you decide not to proceed.

The CUMIS Home and Auto Insurance Program offers exceptional coverage designed to meet the unique needs of credit union members, and we are excited to be able to offer it to members!

1st Choice members can contact CUMIS today at 1‐800‐810‐2847 to speak to a Licensed Insurance Representative or get an online QuickQuote for a home and auto insurance estimate.

For more information, 1st Choice members can check out our insurance page, or contact us.

April 23
New Interac e-Transfer® Enhanced User Features Now Available!

New features:


Autodeposit allows you to receive money via Interac e-Transfer® and have it automatically deposited into your bank account, without answering any security questions. To set it up

  • On Mobile:
    • Navigate to 'Interac e-Transfer®’.
    • Select 'Settings'.
    • Select 'Autodeposit' and fill out the proper fields.

  • On Online Banking:
    • Navigate to 'Transfers'.
    • Select ‘Send 'Interac e-Transfer®’.
    • Select ‘Autodeposit’.

Request Money

Request money owed with Interac e-Transfer® Request Money feature. When you send a request, the recipient is notified and can accept the request. If accepted, the requested amount will be automatically deposited into your account and you will be notified when funds are available. To set it up:

  • On Mobile
    • Navigate to 'Interac e-Transfer®’.
    • Select ‘Request’.

  • On Online Banking:
    • Navigate to 'Transfers'.
    • Select ‘Request Interac e-Transfer®’.

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